Thursday, February 13, 2014

Passion Fruit

I could not think of a better topic for today's blog post. Over the past few days I've been playing with passion fruit {no pun intended!} or as some might know it, maracuya. I've been mesmerized by the fragrant aroma of the fruit and its tangy taste.

I've had many dishes and drinks that have been made with this delicious fruit an the flavor it lends to everything is simply delicious. It has an intense yellow color that lights up any table, especially those covered with white linens and Valentine's decorations.

If you come across this tropical fruit, buy it and make sure its ripe, or let it ripen. Once it is ready, pour the pulp and seeds on a colander and press to get the juice out of it... unless a recipe calls for the whole thing. The juice works great as a substitute for lemon juice on salads, as the juice on any margarita or cocktail, and a delicious curd for your morning toast.

I don't know if passion fruit has any aphrodisiac properties, but I wouldn't doubt it has and believe its name is well deserved. If you are preparing a dinner for tomorrow with your significant other, consider adding a little bit of "passion" to any dish or drink and see what happen... and please let me know as well, ha!

Have a passionate day!