Thursday, February 20, 2014

Step by Step

A couple of weeks ago I started walking with my mom in the mornings as I had stopped doing all kinds of activity for a while. Besides the many health benefits, i like doing it because it is a good start to everyday and gives me that one on one girl time with my mom.

Everywhere I've lived I'd always taken walking at some time during the day, as I believe it contributes immensely to releasing stress and clear your mind. If you practice any other type of exercise, I still strongly agree to take a walk a couple of times a week because it allows you to enjoy your surroundings easier.

If you would like to take on walking as your workout of choice make sure you keep a good posture while at it, keep a good brisk pace, and chose the right gear to wear as it can make a world of difference.

Remember to hydrate during and after your workout and do some stretching exercises that are highly beneficial for your muscles. Finally, look for someone you can enjoy your workout with and have them be your motivator and vice versa, it is a great time to connect with people while getting healthy.

Have a great day!