Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Walking Surfaces

Every time I start a project, big or small, I make a list o what needs to go into a space starting from the bottom up. The list is important as you start brainstorming how you are going to tackle the project step by step.

For the residential project I will be working on, I have already started with the first element, the floor. Currently, the apartment is covered with a thick carpet {typical of places like Home Depot} in color white that over time has changed into a muddy shade.

When selecting your floor material the first thing you need is to measure the space and figure out how much material you're going to need. Then you add about 30 percent more so you can account for any waste caused by corners, small spaces and any other unforeseen details around the rooms.

When you have a good idea of how much you need, then you call a friend who can refer you to a good contractor or two. Word of mouth in this case is essential as you will be able to go a see a contractor's work before they come to work for you.

Once you have a good contractor, ask him about all the legalities of the project {like permits}, timing, material you need to provide besides the flooring, and all the things that will make the space look amazing. Now, you can go a shop for the perfect flooring... and next week I can tell you what we are doing on our project.

Have a great day!