Friday, April 11, 2014


Rarely I do personal posts about my life beyond commenting on a little craziness here and there. But today, I'll be making a bit of an exception, maybe because I'm on a path of change, an uncertain one, but it is happening all the same. So, if you prefer to skip the stories, then go to the last paragraph for a happy weekend send off...

Last week I made the decision to end a business relationship that I knew in my heart I needed to be done with, but it was not easy at all and took a lot of effort. That same day I read an article about Saying No and despite the fact that I still felt stressed about what I had to do, I was certain in the long run I had done it to save me from something more difficult along the way.

A couple of months ago I was talking to a friend who is going through similar things I've been going through. He had a TV show purchased by a large network, but they pulled the plug on it and he has been trying to get another deal ever since. Connecting with him and having someone understand what I was going through was cathartic, and even though we are still trying to figure things out, we thought maybe we should find a solution together instead of isolated.

I'm not big on self help books because I've always been a "deal on your own" kind of person, but then I found this book about someone who has gone through some really tough times. Then I started reading his blog, and today I'm reading the book for the second time. Why you may ask? Simply because we always need someone who understands what we go through and made it to the other side, because sometimes we do need help, and because help may come from unexpected places.

I have no idea what the outcome of all of this will be, and can't deny I've been a little anxious about what I cannot control, but at the end of the day I still have that spark of faith that tells me things will be alright. Once more, I have to thank those of you who come by to visit me, even when I go MIA, and if I don't say it enough... THANK YOU!

Have a lovely weekend!