Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Monday

I have always loved Easter time with its beautiful color palettes and cheerful decorations. Also, For many it is a time for reflection and to connect spiritually. For today's weekly links I want to focus on cheerful things that fill your spirits and may add a little activity to those who live in places where this is Holy Week and have some time off... Happy Monday!

This link is for a Natural Egg Dye instead of using those with harsh chemicals. I love the idea of playing with flowers and leaves to give eggs a different feeling and one children can experiment with.

One of the beauties of Easter is that flowers are everywhere and they are an integral part of the celebration. A Floral Wreath symbolizing the seasons finest is a perfect decor element.

Kids bring so much joy to any celebration and seeing them on an egg hunt is nothing less that tons of fun. This super cute Bunny Easter Bags are easy to do and children can make them too!

Finally, no celebration is ever complete with great food and a well planned party. An Easter Hunt Brunch is a perfect way to celebrate with family a friends.

Have a lovely week!