Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweet Pea

A number of very special people in my life will be celebrating their birthday this month and even though they are far away. I always try to do something nice for them. This year I thought maybe their birth flower would be a great option for a little B-Day surprise.

The Sweet Pea is the flower for this month and to my surprise, after a little research, it represents simplicity and modesty... and honestly, I couldn't say any of the people I know from this month is either simple or modest. Actually, their are strong characters that stand from anyone in the crowd.

If never seen them, they have a fragrant aroma that is pleasant and inviting, so much that it is a favorite among perfume makers. It comes in a variety of colors that just light up any room, which make them ideal for those celebrating a special occasion this month... like a wedding!

I can see where the term of endearment stems from this lovely flower, it's a happy one that all it needs is plenty of sun and a surface to hold on to. For many people it might be a sign of Spring, but it can grow almost any time of the year in milder weather...Maybe, I should go on a seed hunting expedition to try to grow these beauties.

Do you know anyone who's birthday is this month? For me its my sister and my best friend... Two strong women who are not afraid to take over the world, but never cease to bring beauty into everyone's lives.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Beautiful, I love the smell of these flowers, it's intoxicating and sweet. I went to a home that had them in the garden and on the day it was really warm and the sun made the whole area smell so wonderful!! Perfect gift indeed :) xx

  2. So delicate and lovely. Perfect for spring.

  3. Funny, I have a lot of April birthdays in my life too and I don't think of them as simple or modest, either–but they're certainly wonderful!

  4. A lot of important people to me have their birthdays this month and this flower is perfect for them - sweet and delightful