Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Oldest Barrio

One of my best friends is getting married this year in Buenos Aires, which has been one of those must wanted to visit cities in my life. I still have to make plans to see if I can make it, but no doubt I have looked into what places I would visit and one of them in Bario San Telmo.

This is one of the most visited areas in Buenos Aires as well as the oldest neighborhood in the city. Its buildings are in colonial style with cobblestoned streets it used to be the city's industrial area. After years of rise and fall the neighborhood became the home to the many immigrants into the country coming from Europe.

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San Telmo acquired a bohemian flair as it attracted local artists and the Museum of Modern Art was opened and the artisan guild was funded. Today you can find the area filled with tourists and locals alike that fill the cafes and bars along with antique stores, art galleries, museums and churches.

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For what I've been told the best day to go is Sundays to revel in the antique market lining the streets of San Telmo. The whole area becomes a huge party where you find a great bargain on a vintage item, enjoy of great food and even learn a little tango. We'll see if I can make it, but thing is for sure that This is a place I must visit one day.

Have a wanderlust day!