Friday, May 23, 2014

Reading Material

This week I was not able to get to my links post on Monday, and since I will be traveling and relating my travels next Monday I decided to get them out to you today. I wish everyone a lovely weekend, even though I'm looking forward to this trip, I'm dreading the very early morning flights I'll be taking.

We all go through periods of stress that get us stuck in one mindset that doesn't let us think clearly, for that reason I thing this article on How to Carry On is a great read for the day.

I don't know if I related to you my attempts at making a smudge stick that have not moved forward as I have not been successful at drying the herbs that I need, until I found this post about Drying Herbs that I'm sure will be quite helpful.

As much as I love to travel I tend to hate a lot of the airports I have visited for their very uncomfortable seating and bad lighting, this post about the Airport of the Future gives me wanderlust hope.

The changes in the weather make everyone's allergies flourish, so it's always nice to have some natural remedies to Fight Off those pesky allergens.

I love fruits and the combination of Strawberries and Honeydew sounds like the perfect ending for a hot summer lunch.

Finally, I will be posting on my Instagram feed over the next few days in an attempt to chronicle my trip... so, please stop by @efournierm or @ElieFournier on Twitter.

Have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. These look lovely...I hope you have safe travels doll, happy weekend xx

  2. Have a wonderful time. I really want that book about drying herbs. Sounds right up my alley!

  3. Strawberries and honeydew sound delicious! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. have a great MDW!

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  5. Hope you had a wonderful trip, sweetie and I can't wait to read the post about drying herbs. xoxo

  6. Great links! Hope you have a lovely trip :)

  7. The picture at the top of the suitcase is so cute. I love the color of the suit case. I definitely need to check out those remedies for allergies. I am one of the sufferers.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Yoga in the airport? That'd be interesting!

  9. Cool photos.