Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Greek in Florida

Part of my Labor Day weekend trip to Saint Pete included a drive up to Tarpon Springs, a place I have heard a lot of. This little town, just north of the Tampa Bay area, was founded mostly by people coming from Greece with a rich tradition for fishing and everything coming from the ocean.

One of the main attractives of this place is the sponge docks, a street by the canal lined with stored that sell all kinds of marine products, especially sea sponges of all sizes and shapes.

Stores are decorated with the sponges, creating garlands and displays showcasing them along with beauty products made with Greek olive oil and goat's milk.

 Foolishly, I didn't get anythings as I was fully concentrated on smelling every single bar of soap, and capture with my camera all the different products from the bottom of the ocean as a I could.

 I could see the little starfishes decorating my Christmas tree this year and the sea urchins being great vessels for tealights... they would've looked great with some of the decoration in my apartment, as they would have reminded me of this out of the ordinary trip.

Of course, no trip to an area well known for its Greek heritage is to end without trying its good food. My favorite, as always, was the delicious spreads traditional of their cuisine, with warm and soft pita bread. Definitely a delicious treat for a trip to be remembered!

Have a delicious day!

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