Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Positive Attitude

This week my morning news delivered one of the saddest stories I've heard in a long time, the passing of Wayne Dyer. I have never been much into self help, but have to admit his book "Wishes Fulfilled" gave me the hope and courage I needed during times when many people were pushing me down.

Even though I didn't follow the teaching of his book to the T, the thing that I absorbed the most was to believe in myself, and isolate those that did not believed in me. By doing that, last year I was able to beat the odds and made one my dreams come true.

No matter is you believed in his teaching, of if you didn't one thing is certain, he dedicated his life to spread hope, positivism and the idea that we have to be kind to one another in an increasingly difficult world. For those reasons alone I am saddened that we have lost someone that did a lot of good in this world.

Until September 8, Hay House will be offering his movie "The Shift" for free. I have not seen it yet, but I will tonight as I am making life changing decisions that require for me to believe in myself, stay focused and always keep a positive attitude... Actually, It should just be the way we always are.

Have a day filled with great things!

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