Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dream World

As part of my visit to the Dali Museum over the Labor Day weekend was the actual exhibit of the artist. As an arts major, I have always admired his work, but after seeing for the first time one of his paintings in real life, I was amazed that so much detail went into such a small work of art.

One of the things that always called for my attention was the way everything flowed, like the eggs, water and things that looked like they were melting. One the other hand the things that sort of scared me were the desolated landscapes, the people without faces and the mysticism that governed most of the artwork.

Then, when I started studying and learning Dali's life, what motivated and interested him, the fear was replaced by curiosity, which lead to find the symbolism and details in every scene. For example, in many of his works of art you can see his wife, Gala, everywhere. She was his muse, and the driving force that made him explore many facets throughout his career.

One painting that became one of my favorites was the woman with roses head, which I got to see on a trip to Spain years ago. So, when I saw the one of the ladies with the skin of an orchestra, I have to say I fell in love all over again... and have to admit making plans to take it home with me... haha!

To end the tour, I tagged along with the guide that explained this painting that was over 10 feet tall (about 5 meters). Beyond the amazing details of the painting, what caught my attention the most was the symbolism, the hidden characters and friends of the artist hidden within the painting, and the many historical references and homages to the world that surrounded him.

If you have not seen any Dali paintings in your life, I thoroughly encourage you to include a museum that contains his art in your trip... You will be amazed by his mastery and the beauty that each brush stroke expressed.

Have a colorful day!

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