Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plans for the Weekend

If it was any other regular week I would totally agree it is a little premature to star making plans, but since this coming weekend is sort of special in the U.S. it is totally fine. Actually, if you didn't have plans days ago, chances are you were not going to find much to do or have to pay a high price for it.

I was later making my plans but decided to take a trip to an area of Florida I've never been to but always heard it is beautiful... the Tampa and St.Pete area. Shamefully, I admit that even though I have lived in Florida (at different times in my life) for many years, I have never ventures to the West Coast of the state.

I've a;ways wanted to go because one of the best DalĂ­ museum in the world is located there, and that is something one cannot miss. Besides that, the beach is famous for its beautiful Gulf water beaches and will be taking a little trip to a small town called Tarpon Springs, known as having a large Greek population and selling antique and natural sea sponges!

What are your Labor Day Weekend plans? And if you are not in the US, we'd like to hear yours as well!

Have a lovely middle of the week!

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