Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Surreal World

Hope everyone has a good weekend, especially those that enjoyed on the U.S. extended one. I got on my little Fiat 500 and drive to Saint Petersburg to enjoy the Florida Gulf Coast. Even though the place was really beautiful, the thins that hit the spot with me was my visit the Dali Museum.

The building is a perfect concrete box surrounded by s large bubble like glass window, made of several triangular panes that allow a view of the gardens, the marina across the street and allow plenty of natural light the wash the interior space.

Besides the art, I went to take a yoga class there. I thought of nothing more inspiring and conducive to well being than being surrounded by the genius are housed within the wall of the large building. As I arrived early for the class, I took a walk around the gardens that are full of surprises and little details symbolic to Dali and his mastery.

The visit to the gardens must be done with an open mind to find all the details hidden there. My favorite was the little bird with the mustached sitting on a large rock that had been flattened for people to sit on it. I thought he was there to tell you stories in your ear about the artist's life, his love for nature, mathematics and the world of dreams.

Everything in the garden points to Pi, which was one of Dali's obsessions, and one he shared with many of his contemporaries, such as M.C. Escher. I name Escher, because the current exhibit at the museum was of his work, one I have always admired due to his use of space and illusions of the world.

Even though I was not able to get the #dalistache famous selfie, I couldn't leave the place knowing I didn't have a picture of the gigantic recreation of Dali's mustache.

Finally, as I awaited for my class, I took some time to gaze at the Tampa Bay, where vacationers leisurely glided on their boats over the water, bathing under the sun. I was ready for my class and enjoy the amazing art from the second largest Dali collection in the world, outside of Spain.

Have a nice one and see you tomorrow with more art...!

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