Friday, May 22, 2009

I love LA

Life is really unexpected and it takes us to places that can never imagine... in my case it brought me back to my old town of Miami.

As I leave the City of Angels I would like to make a list of things I love and will miss about sunny California in no specific order.

1. Pinkberry: I used to take it either the original flavor by itself or with berries and kiwi, or the green tea with mochi which by the way is my favorite.2. Celebrities out on the street: if you live in LA you can't miss them. The fun part is to see them behaving just like any other normal person... which they are by the way and be thankful that you are not harrased by paparazzi.

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3. Lagoon State Beach, Malibu: The most relaxing part of any weekend either cold or hot weather. This Beautiful little beach is the perfect spot to escape the crowded beaches and enjoy the sun looking at the surfers trying to catch the perfect wave.

4. Weekend breafast/brunch: Angelinos love to go out early on weekends and get together with their friends and enjoy a good breakfast at many of the great spots all over the city. My favorites were Jack and Jil's Creperie, The Little Next Door and Le Pain Quotidien.

5. The weather: Never too hot, never too cold... just the right temperature.

6. LACMA: A museum that has decided to rival all the world's famous museum has taken the mission of making LA one of the cultural capitals of the world... and I believe it!

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7. The people: everyone is friendly and where ever you go they always greet you with a smile.

It was great living in California and most definitely I will be coming back to enjoy all those things that I really love.

Now, I say "hello Miami!" and enjoy a good "cortadito"...

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