Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras!

Over the past few days we've had some interesting holidays and events happening like the Chinese New Year, the beginning of the Winter Olympics, Valentine's Day, and to end the party we celebrate Mardi Gras today.

 Pieces for a a "bib style necklace"

Even though in the US was President's day yesterday which means it was a long weekend I stayed pretty busy:
  1. Baked lots of cookies for different events and seems like it will be a revenue generating business
  2. Had to start thinking on separating my different activities which is proving to be a lot of thinking and brainstorming
  3. Got the manufacturing buss while waited for cookies to bake or cool down so produced a bunch of pieces that I need to give the final touches
Crochet covered large beads and pearls

With this note I leave you for today because need to run wishing you a happy week and hope to see you back tomorrow...

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