Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bubble Q Prep - Part 1

Thanks to my great friends Bianca and Nathan I am able to bring to you the behind the scenes images of Bubble Q as well as great images of the event itself.

 Sandwiches being made and ingredients getting ready for the big event

Tags with each chef name to label their food for delivery at the event

The Prep work for the event was done just a couple of blocks away from the venue under the careful supervision of Chef Michael Moran and the FIU students of the School of Hospitality Management. The way it worked was that each participating chef had a group of students assigned to them to help with prep and the event itself.

Natural born leader and fantastic chef Michael Moran

 Chef Moran on a TV interview

This is the first part of a couple of more blogs because there are so many great pictures it's difficult to pic a few that show you how much fun it was. All photos were taken by Nathan Valentine and you can see more of him on his blog... Thanks Nathan!

Onions being sliced and chopping fennel

See you next time with more amazing photos!