Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fruit and Veggie Tips

Last Saturday I went to the Coral Gable Farmer's Market and got some really good fruits and veggies. Here are a few tips of how to eat products available at your local markets (check the links for recipes).

One of my favorites is starfruit because it is very refreshing and can be eaten as is. Also, you can put it on the blender with a little water and agave syrup for a delicious natural juice. You can also have it in a fruit salad or a martini

Small varieties of chiles are usually very spicy and with just a little piece you can some spice to any dish. Remember that the hot part of them is in the seeds. For a flavored oil chop the chile finely and add them to you favorite olive oil, but remember that if you are not using it right away it's better to put it in the refrigerator to avoid it going bad.

Even though teas don't qualify as fruits or veggies they are available at many markets. If you want to add a new twist to your tea blend it with any fruit juice or lemonade to get all the benefit of both of them.

Remember that supporting local markets help in the creation of jobs, we can get better and fresher products, and is better for our environment.

Looking forward to go next weekend!