Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Party at Bubble Q

After days of prep we were ready to get those grills cooking. Each chef was assigned a group of five assistants and I was very lucky to be assigned to The Too Hot Tamales, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Miliken.

Susan, Mary Sue and Allen Susser

 Our team with the best chefs 

It is estimated that attendance reached 3,200 people inside the tent which was nicely decorated with chhampagne decor bottle and glasses everywhere. The music was so good that all of us in our station and many others were dancing making a great fun event. 

Dancer in chandelier serving champagne to guests

The talented chefs present included: Emelril Lagasse who was the host of the event, Todd English, Michelle Bernstein, Tim Love, John Besh, Kenny Callaghan, Susan Feniger & Mary Sue Miliken, Tony Neely, Kris Wessel, Adam Perry Lan,  and Missy Robbins amonst many other for a total of 29 incredibly talented chefs.

All the chefs, one photo!

 If you are in the area next year and feel like meeting interesting people, having good food and drink great champagne get a ticket and visit us.

 Preparing the food was a great part of the fun

If you were there... it was a pleasure having you!

Note: the first two photos were taken by me and all the rest by Nathan Valentine


  1. Wow that dancer serving champagne is awesome. Such a fun event.

    michelle @ blissful musings

  2. wow. that looks amazing!!! how fun!!

  3. sounds like lots of fun :)

  4. Sounds like so much fun! Interesting photos and I love all the chef whites!

  5. This looks like such a fun event!! That dancer is amazing.

    Jessica @ Grizzly Bear Modern