Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sculpture and a Couple of Things

This past week accomplished 2 great things:

  1. I reached 100 followers or friends which had me jumping up and down with joy
  2. After weeks of emails and conversations I worked out for my dear friend Mike Butler to be published once again... check this link and this other one for the articles
Today I've been trying to upload the images from the National Gallery Sculpture Garden but it has been a bit difficult... if you can't see them please let me know... Thanks!

 Mark Di Suvero "Aurora" - Doesn't it look like it says OK?

Roxy Paine "Graft" - It looks like it was taken from the Ice Queen's garden

Roy Lichtenstein "House I" - One of my favorite artists

Barry Flanagan "Thinker on a Rock" - Very Alice-in-Wonderlandesque

Sorry for not having any posts yesterday... had many problems loading the images and with my internet in general... I guess it was the non-stop pouring day all day.

Have a nice day!