Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Light from Above

When I went to design school and studied Gothic architecture I learned that the greatest expression of this style were the churches. Along with that I learned that they were much more than religious buildings but also the expressions of the lives of those who built them. Today, I see them as works of art, representations of other people's cultures and places where people feel at peace.

 View of the inside - note the light from the stained windows reflected on the columns

One of the things that I loved the most at the National Cathedral in DC was the beautiful stained glass windows and the colors they reflected on every surface. The play of light was impressive and definitely gave the whole environment that air of divinity that the people in the Middle Ages looked for.

Light reflecting on the clustered columns - amazing the contrast of the details with the array of colors

View of the length of the cathedral with the altar at the end

Details of the windows and ceiling

On your next trip include a few places like this because they have a lot of history attached to them...