Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three More Days

My dear friends only three more days to send your images for the Images Giveaway. Even though I've received really amazing photos sent by many of you I am a bit greedy and want many more... ha! To encourage you to send more images I want to share some of mine.

Doorway of art - National Gallery of Art

Nothing like the colors of Spring

Spring in Miami - was walking to the bank and took the photo with my cell phone

Tangerine to brighten anyone's kitchen - taken at Athropologie

Silver candies look like jewelry - taken at Joan's on Third

Strawberries from the Farmer's Market - they were delicious!

All these images I've taken in my trips or around my house and each capture images that I wanted to keep with me forever... Remember that the giveaway ends May 1st and the prize is Charla Krupp's How to Never Look Fat Again, which is a great book that anyone can use... even for a gift!

Have fun and enjoy the weather no matter what!