Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shopping in the Highest

The city of La Paz in Bolivia is the highest city in the world with an altitude that ranges between 9,840 ft to 13,450 ft. Right there is a great store called Gitano Urbano which is a great store owned by a couple who traveled all over Europe and decided to open a store that represented the work of local designers.

he store reminds you of a store in cities like NY and Chicago where buildings are made of brick and take advantage of it when it's exposed. all the items are modern but they are made with the best quality materials with the young and modern clientele in mind.

The owners of the store have thought of everything because they also incorporated a little coffee shop to it so you get to enjoy the whole experience when you shop there.

P.S all images provided by Anabel from And So I Whisper

Have a great day and if your shopping buy something that brings a smile to your face!