Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Day in Paradise

Last weekend I was invited to go to Paradise Farms in Homestead which is about 1 hour South of Miami. It was beautiful tour of their farm and getting to see the way the grow everything organically and with so much respect for the land.

I worked with the at a charity event I participated in a few months ago and fell in love with some of the great products they offered including freshly picked oyster mushrooms and watermelon radishes. 

 One of their delicious edible flowers and fresh rosemary

One of the great things they do at the farm is that they reuse and recycle everything... nothing goes to waste. they even reuse things that they get from other places like the race track so they can decompose it and use it as fertilizer.

Delicious longans(a type of lychee) ripening under the sun

The fruit that will become the spice known as mace

I would really love to go back during the growing season so I can see all the other products that they have like the rest of the edible flowers and a vast array of greens for salads. 

If you know of any farms around your area take some time to go and visit them. It is very important to support these places that work hard at bringing healthy products to our tables and do so much to preserve our environment... on top of all that you get to enjoy some delicious food!!!

Have a great day and remember to eat your veggies!