Thursday, July 8, 2010

French Style and Dreams

I saw the trailer for Inception a long time ago and have been intrigued about it for so many reasons beyond the movie going experience. One of them is definitely that I love the classic style of Marion Cotillard and the fact that she became an icon by playing the role of the most famous French musical icon. (All images from

Photographed here in a Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeved lace dress and a dusty-rose silk slip.

When I got my Vogue with her on the cover I loved the whole styling of her photo shoot done by Mario Testino. In the movie she seems to be Leonardo DiCaprio's wife whom he cannot see because of the charges against him for the crimes he's committed doing the "special" type of security he does.

Love the interiors of this shot typical of the Provencal style

Along with the images check out the Video Diary of the photo shoot where they explain the concept behind it and where she shares some thoughts about her life after La Vie En Rose.

Finally, if you go to see the movie check out the details of it like the interiors of the places where they go and the dreams they create. As a designer I always love to see beyond the obvious because those details are usually what set the mood of the whole scene. Check out the Asian inspired space in this video and all the lighting and textures used to create a sense of luxury.

It's Thursday... so go out, have a nice day and dream a little!