Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NY Architecture Part 1

I think I could have made it until part 100 but will only have 2 parts because I don't want to bore you. I have so many images of the great architecture you can find all over the city it's been a difficult task to decide which ones I wanted to show you.

Seating area at the High Line Park that offers views of the street and the city's architecture

Buildings, no matter where they are located, have very interesting architectural details that make them unique and add interest to their facade. In SoHo, most buildings are painted in solid colors and the window frames, borders and other decorative details are painted in a contrasting color. In larger buildings, like those found near NYU or 5th Ave., buidings have more elaborate and rich decorations in materials like copper or wrought iron that tell you it is a fancier place to live in or work at.

Many new modern building have been appearing all over the up and coming or trendy areas where there are no buildings with a lot of historic value. Most of these have been designed by world renowned architects or have become trendy hotels like those found mainly in Chelsea and Meat Packing District.

Standard Hotel and IAC headquaters designed by Frank Gehry

Today is my last day of vacation and tomorrow will start the long trip I have to make to go back to Miami. I have to take the train back to NY from RI and then my flight with a 2 hr layover in Dallas... Thank God for computers and digital movies...

See you tomorrow and please go out and take a good look at your city's beautiful buildings!