Monday, September 27, 2010

Fairy Kisses

The exact day of my birthday I received this beautiful card sent by Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary. When I opened the envelope I pulled out this beautiful red and ivory cut out card that had written inside the nicest things by the nicest girl.

I got to meet Brandi in NY this past summer when we hosted a little blogger brunch with other talented ladies who enjoy blogging as much as we do. She was the first person to jump in the idea of meeting especially because she's met many other bloggers before.

She is very passionate about food and baking, and for the brunch she baked these delicious scones that we all devoured in no time along with other goodies. We had a fantastic time that day and I left with the feeling that I had found some new friends thanks to Brandi. 

If you've never visited her blog you should pay her a visit and check out all the great stories illustrated with beautiful images. Her interests are vary from food (of course!) to design to travel. Some stories are based on her many interests she finds in movies, magazines and books and other stories are based on her every day experiences with all the people in her life.

Have a great beginning and let your friends know how much you care!