Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blank Canvas

I'm not one of those people who love an absolute white space but I love to use it as a  perfect background where I can drop amazing colors on. I like to use the pieces as the starting point for something exciting like a great table setting or a comfy bed full of dreamy pillows.

 I love this tower filled with pillows in shades of white and this tumblers with insects

White can make a room cold and icy or it can turn it into an inviting and comfortable place. White offers professional designers and aficionados alike a wide range of possibilities to create the most memorable spaces.

Clusters of rock crystal create great light effects
as well as the light that bounces off these ceramic vases

Additionally, the vibrant and pastel colors used in children spaces allow for white decorative items to pop and serve as a focal point making them ideal for this type of space.

Children ceramic mugs with animal figures just as cute as animal soft toys

When on a trip at a hotel, do you participate in the linen program they advertise in the cards sitting on your bedside table?

Have a peaceful and comfortable day!