Thursday, October 28, 2010

See The Light

I'm so happy so many of you loved yesterday's post about my team... As I mentioned please check out if there is a Common Threads program in your town because our children need good activities that they can enjoy and have fun with!

 Cool and white silhouetted effect on this simple accessories

As we talk about illumination today I want to share another type of illumination to all of you. As I walk all over the place taking pictures of everything around me I can't help to be attracted to light and the great effects it has on things.

 Love these flowery chandeliers with lots of charm

Light can create or make a space... Restaurants that are too dark and you can't see what you're eating have a hard time bringing people in but on the other hand there is nothing more romantic that a dinner whit the one that makes your knees week lit by soft warm light.

I find this image so classic and in a way romantic with the golds, 
soft round shapes and warm light... anyone says dinner party?

Have a great day and hope you see the "light at the end of the tunnel" of this week