Friday, November 5, 2010

Petition on a Friday

Today I would like to ask all of you to send good vibes and prayers to the people of Costa Rica as they are facing difficult times. Due to the influence of hurricane Tomas the country has seen non-stop rain for days which has caused floods and mud slides all over the country killing many people and leaving thousands without a place to to live.

The fruit of the coffee plant which later will become the 
coffee bean or as Costarricans call it "Gano de Oro" (Golden Grain)

On a lighter note, I am very happy the midterm elections are over so now the are no more "attack adds" on TV which were absolutely unnecessary... I wish politician would've used that money to help the battered US economy, don't you think?

Here are this week's links:

Today I will be guest posting at Jeniffer Fabulous' post called I Know, Right?... come over and check it out.

Have a fantastic weekend and say a prayer for those less fortunate than you!