Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa!

This year I was a an even better girl than I was last year so here is the list of things I would like to see under the tree or in case I asked too late Three Kings day is around the corner so you can pass the tip over to them so they can work on them!

The Stendig Calendar has been a must on the walls of my house for many years and this one cannot be different... I know it's a big box but it looks great.

As much as I love to read this little gadget would be great also for those long articles I have to read every time I have to do a school project... so it's not just for entertainment purposes - Kindle by Amazon

I love the 212 Skyline Dinnerware and Glazed Hands by Fishs Eddy... The would look great in my house and my dinner table every time my friends come over for a fun dinner party.

One of this pretty gadgets would be perfect for the long hot summer months in Miami... refreshment is a necessity those day more than it is a luxury - Zoku Quick Pop Maker at William Sonoma
Finally, as I know the pounds have found a new home in certain places in my body a pair of the talked about Easytones would be the best ally in helping me conquer my newly declared war over those nasty pounds.

So, Santa hope you can find some of these items around your shop... 
and may all my readers have a great day!