Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's Begin

Today you might say is the official beginning of the year when it comes to business and being back to work... The weekend was perfect for those of us who needed a little extra sleep from the New Year celebrations and also to enjoy the "art of doing nothing", make some resolutions and just getting mentally ready for 2011.

Beyond making resolutions that rarely ever we keep after January I though more of better ways to enjoy the year and just live it in general:
  • Eat better: that includes not skipping meals especially breakfast wich I tend to do very often. Along with that try to buy locally grown products, hormone free meats and dairy, eat more fruits, and eat less ice ream (my weakness!) or sweets in general.
  • Play more in the kitchen: I want to create better food that brings together my love for design/creation and food... we'll see what recipes come out of this.
  • Work on that little thing called spirituality: I believe no matter what faith you practice it provides you with a tremendous amount of peace and focus, especially when days are not that bright.
  • Add some form of workout to each week: dance, walk, run or swim... whatever it is we need to get out of out chairs and get out bodies moving!
  • Read, read and read a little more: turn off the TV and all those nasty people screaming at each other because they don't contribute in anyway to our lives.
  • Go places: go out and explore because it's a big world out there that deserves to be seen in person.
  • Give back: there's a lot of people out there who don't even have internet like we do... find a way to help them!
  • Take care of mother Earth: whatever you do even if it's a little bit helps because she is pretty upset about what we've been doing with what she's given us...

Simple ways to live by and enjoy what lies ahead of us in 2011... Talking about the future, I will be changing a bit the format of what you'll be reading here. The idea is to offer you better information and for me to find things that are of interest to all of us.

Have a great first week of 2011!