Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Confidential Chef

Last weekend I finished reading Anthony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential and started reading Medium Raw... I have to admit that the man not pnly know about food and illuminates us about but he is a real entertainer.

In less than 2 weeks I might be able to meet him and finally get to see what many people who know him say about him: that he is a great guy with a fantastic sense of humor (a dark one just like mine!)... The Wine and Food Festival is around the corner and is keeping me up to my neck with tons of work and meting the man would be the best reward to all my work.

Wouldn't you love to travel with this man? Yes, I know sometimes he eats tsome crazy things but he does travel to great places and gets to meet people who make this place a much more interesting place to live in. The new season of No Reservations starts on February 28 (right after the festival...) so be sure to watch what he'll be up to this time.

Have a great day and think (daydream) of you next exotic location!