Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double Goodnes

I love chocolate and I love strawberries... and yesterday for Valentine's I attended a demo for making the perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries (sorry I didn't take any pictures). Some of the tips I learned event though they were very intuitive sometimes you forget about them:

Look for strawberries that are of a good size so when you display them they look good and appetizing... look for those that will bit smaller than the palm of your hand

Make sure your strawberries are clean, completely dry and at room temperature before you start dipping them in the chocolate. This way you won't end up with water under or over the chocolate.

Finally, the color of your strawberries is very important. Look for those that are red almost all the way to the hulls so you can dip them the most into the chocolate and also so the contrast with the green leaves of the hulls.

Have a fun Tuesday and hope you got "chocolated" out yesterday!