Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lovely Meals

I'm sure many of you are getting ready for next week's Valentine's Day celebration and probably will be going out to some fancy dinner somewhere. But, if you're not doing it today I'd like to suggest you a few meals that are just perfect for you, your loved one and even your lovely friends...

No celebration is complete without a little drink and one that is a combination in a martini glass of fruit and chocolate is the perfect way to toast to those you love.

Then you move on to a delicious starter that opens up your apetite and that includes flavors and ingredients that are believed to be aprodisiac (I heard that somehwere... ha!) while being presented in an original way.

I love lamb chops because they are the perfect food to share with anyone and to make things easier it even has a little hadle for it. Pair it with fresh ingredients and enjoy!

Afraid of being cliche I cannot think of Valentine's day without chocolate desert... it is the perfect ingredient for all the obvious and not so obvious reasons (it is said that helps releasing endorphines!)

Have a lovely Tueday... and hope your VDay prep is going well!