Monday, February 21, 2011

Seeing Red

Today my day begun very early because  I needed to be in Miami Beach {thank God it's 15 mins away from home} to meet with the rest of the management team for Bubble Q and start unloading the almost 2 tons of meat, poutlry, lamb and pork we'll be prepping for the well renowned chefs participating... Very exciting!!!
These are so cute and maybe would make such a statment with the dress... (Image Credit)

On a more stylish note, over the weekend I took the time to go shopping for shoes because I have a very special wedding coming in March and need to find the shoes for my dress. I want them to be satin red or something like it because the dress is a beautiful deep purple color.
I like these too because they have that rich vibrant color that I'm looking for...
but they are not that high heeled (Image Credit)

How cute is that bow on these? Love the peep toe too... (Image Credit)
These have the best color and are adorable but are still a bit low... (Image Credit)

These are my fave but waaaay out of my budget... (Image Credit)

Fortunately, I still have a few weeks to find the perfect pair for the dress but I know I'm on the right track and shopping for them will be the perfect relaxation after this week... I will be Tweeting about the festival all week long so if you're not a follower please do...

Have a  fantastic week and a wonderful Monday!


  1. Well you know my infatuation with hot red shoes!! My wedding shoes looked a little like the last ones (Louboutin).
    Good luck with your preparations:)

  2. Elie, the purple dress with red shoes will be stunning on you! My favorite is the second pair -- those are really beautiful, but they've got this wonderfully flirty side to them. Good luck with everything this week! I'll be following on twitter!

  3. Wow!! That sounds like a lot of meat : ) I'm going to my first ever cooking class tonight and I'm so excited!! Thought you'd appreciate that since you're a cooking aficionado! Also, I'm loving all the beautiful red pumps! The last pair is divine!

  4. I think I love those shoes in the exact order that you posted them, lol!!

    Have a wonderful time in Miami :)

  5. red with the purple sounds so good, nice idea :)

  6. Those Me Too bows are just too sweet! Hope you're having a wonderful day-how exciting!! Can't wait to hear all about your sure-to-be wild week!

    xo, Lena

  7. Absolutely gorgeous shoes!
    The last pair is my favorite too!


  8. Ooooh I want a pair of each of those sexy shoes!

  9. These are all great picks! Good luck, shoe shopping is fun.

  10. A little of red is always great! The last shoes are perfection.

  11. I love pair number 1 : ) or the pair that is way over your budget! GORGEOUS! : )

  12. I love a good pair of red shoes. Loving so many of these picks, esp the last pair!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. I love red shoes, and these are all so cute!!! can't wait to see what you get!