Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Friend Got Mobbed!

Yes, he did!... or he didn't... actually he created it along with super host Howie Mandel. The story is that today I'm all about promoting Mobbed, my dear friend's new show premiering on FOX this upcoming Thursday the 31st after American Idol {9pm but please check your local listings}.

On a previous trip to LA my friend told me about this great new show he was working on and that he wanted me to come to take a look at it... and so I did... and it really blew my mind! The premise of the show in a Glee-style hidden camera reality show where people would plan a surprise {a marriage proposal like in the video} and then hundreds of people around them start to dance and create a Flash Mob or one of those amazing dance routines in public spaces that have been seen all over the country.

Watching this thing live was impressive and having seen on TV what they've done is really amazing... What I love about it is that the entertaining factor is really high and before you know it you want more of it but you have to wait until the next week for more.

So, please join me in rewarding the hard work of literally hundreds of people {literally} and having a really good time watching this show... Don't worry, I'll remind you to watch it that day!

Have a great day and feel free to throw a few dance moves at someone today!