Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Pops

Today's forecast is hot and steamy... and I cannot think of anything else I want more than how much I'd like to have a popsicle {ha!} maybe coconut or pineapple flavored.

Last Christmas I asked Santa for a Zoku {oh so cute!} but somehow he forgot how much I'm going to use it this summer... until then I will have to be happy with some really good recipes, very cute molds and some delicious flavors!

You have to give it to Martha and her fool proof recipes... I love how refreshing strawberry and watermelon are on top of being naturally sweet and have an amazing shade of red.

I love food that has a twist on them and the combination of lavender and blueberries is quite ideal... I can only think how many other berries I could use in this recipe!

And of course, my favorite coconut! Nothing like the taste and smell of coconut to remind you of a hammock in the beach listening to the waves breaking... Yum!

Have a fantastic day and enjoy a nice treat today!