Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Time

It has arrived in full force to Miami... Days are long, hot and steamy! Summer heat has arrived and with it white dresses, flip flops, and ice cold drinks. It is the time to arm yourself with some SPF, a wide straw hat and the perfect sunglasses to get you through the day.

Over the next few months I will be actively hunting for a new job... Actually, I've already started and to tell you the truth there's quite a good number out there you just got to have ambition and be flexible. To give you an example, a friend of mine got 5 job offers with pretty good salaries and then selected the best job that offered not just a great salary but also a great work environment.

Unfortunately, along with the arrival of summer the departure of a lot of my friends comes too. Many of them either take the time to take long vacations, some of them graduated and have left either to takea new job or went back to their hometowns... BTW, congrats to all graduates!!!

Finally, I hope that summer brings all of you great days or cute clothes, refreshing trips, and some delicious food along the way... And hopefully, some regular blogging for me! Ha!

Have a nice Wednesday and have fun!


  1. summer
    love it
    good luck
    the job


  2. i think the best working environment is definitely more important these days! good luck finding a job!!

  3. It definitely helps that the job environment is getting better. Good luck and hope you get something great!

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  4. A great work environment is just as important as salary these days :) Good luck on your search !

  5. Missed you! Love this post!

    Good luck on the job hunt. You will do awesome!

  6. summer has arrived out here in LA too and it's glorious! i need to take a little drive over to the beach soon. so, any chance you'll be moving back to LA?... :)

  7. oh, good for you! we still have spring here- not bad either! :)
    I am looking for a new job too- I hope you find your dream job soon, good luck! :)

  8. Horray for summer, and I'm so glad to see that you're back! Hope you're enjoying the heat!

  9. It's summer there already? But it's only May! Florida is such a different climate region for me. I hope you have some amazing success job hunting, my dear. Will you be looking in NYC at all? (Say yes!)

  10. Yay for summer. I love that floppy hat you posted :)