Monday, June 27, 2011

New Chapter

So the shrunk semester is over and I'm more that ready to go back to my normal life. the thing was this... I took an ordinary 14-week semester in 6 weeks so I could start the job hunt while I'm still technically a student because I have to do my graduation project but don't have to go to classes anymore.

It was definitely very difficult, stressful and full of drama {believe it or not}, but non the less I learned a lot not just from the class itself but also about work and the people who do it.

This is what I learned:
  1. Excellence: I would like to know when it became a sin... it should be a virtue and we all should strive for it everyday.
  2. Experience: some people have it and some don't... and those who don't have it should learn from those who do.
  3. Loyalty: hard to find these days but when you find it you should treasure and take care of it.
  4. Speak up: don't keep anything bottled up inside... it rots inside of you and slows you down
  5. Back-Stabbing: simply not a good thing!
I hope everyone has a good week and hope I can catch up with everyone very soon... By The Way, the presentation went pretty well!