Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DC Food...

Today I'm on my way to DC to see my sister and not those terrible politicians {been very upset at them lately}. One thing that I'm looking forward to do is have some great food over there since it's not all about museums and sightseeing... do you have any suggestions?

I found out Serendipity 3 {yes, as in the movie!} opened a restaurant in DC and all I can think of is the frozen hot chocolate... could you resist this deliciousness???

I read Graffiato somewhere where they talked about restaurants that use locally grown ingredients and great pizzas. The chef was a competitor on Master Chef and wanted to create a restaurant with a cool feeling where all the family could have a good time.

Margaritas are always a plus in any trip and for what I've read the ones and El Centro DF are the best in the city... I guess I'll have to sacrifice myself and try them in the name of all my readers, ha!

Finally, the sis is taking me {per my request!} to have a cupcake at one of my favorite places... Sprinkles! After trying many cupcakes I have to say they are my favorites because the have mastered the perfect balance between cake and frosting... YUM!

Now I leave you and I'll see you tomorrow from the Nation's Capital!