Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Child's Play

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I went to see the Lego Exhibit at the National Building Museum and that it had my inner geek/builder/designer singing with joy {inside that is... ha!}... The exhibit featured a series of iconic buildings building with thousands of pieces of Lego blocks during hundreds of hours of design and execution time.

I love this tribute to the WTC... It took over 14,000 pieces and over 100 hours to design and build

The Hancock building still give me the creeps because I remember when I was there and how terrified I was all the way at the 96th floor. The same I would have to say about the Empire State building, at least I never made it inside the elevators that takes you to the observatory.

This one the Burj Khalifa in Dubai that which stands at 162 stories high it is one of the tallest building's in the world and the tallest at the exhibit.

I do have to say the Marina City rowers in Chicago are amazing buildings that you can see when you take the boat ride when you visit the city and hate to say I didn't photograph them when i was there. On the other hand, as a designer a lifelong dream is to one day go the The Falling Water House by Frank Lloyd Wright.

There are projects that are symbols of a city like the Gateway Arch in St Louis and the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco. Finally, I loved how they captured the details of the columns at the front of the White House with those tiny Lego pieces.

Have a great day and enjoy the wonders of architecture in your cities!