Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Libra

That's what I always say when someone asks me when is my birthday and believe it or not sometimes people do know it's today... and after weeks of talking about it I can't believe it is here. 

Me at 1 year old

This past year has been quite good and I'm very happy to see the improvements from last birthday. I'm blessed with an amazing family that loves me and has been by my side even when they didn't agree with me {sometimes this girl likes to go against the flow!}. I have solidified some friendships, recovered others, made some great ones and have lost others that no matter what have taught me incredible lessons.

Me with my mom and sis in NY a few years ago... seems like it was yesterday!

I'm looking forward this year to get back to work and into the game, more trips and exciting new people, and amazing moments with my family and loved ones... Also, I look forward to share more stories, news and curiosities with all of you who have been there for me...

Thanks a lot and here's to a new year!