Monday, September 19, 2011

Postcard and Trip

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and tons of fun/rest {hopefully both!}. My weekend was fun as I got to touch base with some friends and tried to stay as cool as I could because the weather was really hot during the day.

Today I want to do is thank Nancy from A Rural Journal who sent me this really nice post card from Nebraska - The Cornhusker State! In her blog she posts these amazing images she takes along with the instructions of how to get the same effect she gets in them... great tutorials!

The card is not just beautiful on the front but also she got this amazing stamp of Katherine Hepburn, along with a sticker of a super hero and a heart... very cool in a real fun way!!! Have you celebrated with me yet... EMAIL me to let me know if you want to send me a celebratory postcard.

Finally, I'm leaving on Thursday to LA to celebrate my B-Day... the original plan was going to NY but hotels are over $400 for a Courtyard type of hotel which is ridiculous and makes me really afraid what a luxury hotel might even cost. So, I'm heading again to the West Coast to enjoy of some cooler air and drier weather {humidity doesn't agree with my hair!}and if you are around the city let me know!

Hope you start the week with the right foot and do something that makes you happy today!