Wednesday, October 12, 2011

La Dolce Vita

Today I'm sharing with all of you the last postcard I received... it was from Stephanie at La Dolce Vita. She has a very nice blog where she shares beautiful images she takes of everything that happens around her.

Another thing I love about her blog is the name because it's the same of one of my favorite movies... have you seen it? I love that it's a satire of the lifestyle of the time {similar to today!} where people were influenced by the empty lifestyle of celebrities and the aristocracy... which is what has made it relevant for over 50 years!

The movie tells the story of a week in the life of Marcello {played by the wonderful Marcello Mastroiani} who is a journalist who is unhappy with everything in his life from his girlfriend all the way to his job. This feeling send him on a quest to find happiness and love which seem to always be out of his reach {sounds familiar?}.

The movie is about 3 hours long so you can take it in doses because it's divided in 7 episodes and each one covers a night in the of Marcello. My favorite episodes are the ones with Anouk Aimee and the one at La Fontana di Trevi {the most popular ones} because they show Marcello as the quintessential ladies man {sounds familiar?}.

Finally, if you are looking for some great music check out the soundtrack of this movie composed by Nino Rota who composed most of the music for all of Fellini's movies as well as the Godfatherand Romeo and Juliet in 1968.

Have a great day and enjoy the "Sweet Life"