Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Year of Art

First of all hope that everyone had an amazing weekend and for those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving I hope you had a great time with you loved ones... Thanks for all your sweet messages over the weekend!

For ten years the city of Miami has been the host to one of the most important art fairs in the world, Art Basel. The main event is an exhibit of art from the most important art galleries from all over the world who come to showcase the best pieces of art on their catalogs.

Pablo Picasso, La fille du concierge tenant une poupée, 1947 {Image Credit}

The amazing things is that you can find artwork from the masters from Picasso {yes, there are still some of them on the market}, Chagall, Klein, Miro and Matisse all the way to the contemporaries like Ernesto Neto who creates extraordinary fabric installations.

Neto, Ernesto: Teiacompirce{Image Credit}

I've always enjoyed not just the event but the fun and weird people who come to the city to attend the many events ranging from art installation in parks, gallery openings, and concerts.

Have a nice Monday and an nice dose of crazy!