Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cookie Cutter Architecture

I have never in my life attempted to make gingerbread because of other people's horrifying stories of broken houses, gooey icing, and cookies taste anything but Christmas-y... But that doesn't mean I don't wish every year to make an attempt which fades away quickly when I see what others can achieve with this dough!

The tradition of gingerbread dates back to the times when the Crusaders came back from the Middle East bringing with them exotic spices. The countries where it became most popular where Germany, England and France where towns celebrated fairs and people demonstrated their gingerbread creations and later spread to America during Colonial times.

Life size house in Stockholm part of a margarine brand advertisement {Image Credit}

In Sweden the Stockholm City Welfare Mission along with the Swedish Museum of Architecture organize a charity to collect funds and call attention to different topics and this year's was called “Pride and Prejudice: Bake your own pride and burn a few nasty prejudices!” The museum has chosen this theme in support of efforts to prevent bullying and alienation, which are important elements in a socially sustainable society {click HERE for more info}. Everyone from small children to professional bakers are invited to participate... and the results are amazing!

Have a sweet day my friends!