Friday, November 18, 2011

Info, Links and Happy Friday

Today I have nothing but words of gratitude to all of you who visit this blog, leave messages an even volunteered to contribute to it. According to my analytics I have reached and excelled my targeted daily readership. So, thanks to all of you who have found what I write in here either entertaining or informative.

Before I move on to this week's links I have some info:
  • Do you tweet? I do and in there I post a lot of product info, news, and articles I find around the web. If you want to find out more check @eliefournier
  • Have you ever seen the +1 button at the end of each post? Well, when you click there you are liking it on the web just as you like your friends status' on Facebook. So, before you leave please +1 me!
  • I'd like to remind everyone that I'm working on some locals city guides and if you want to contribute just let me know. Check out this POST for more info... I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Now... here are this week's links!