Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Traveling on Thanksgiving

I wish I could've posted this information yesterday but a massive headache prevented me from doing much but thankfully I'm headache free today. Thankfully also, I'm not one of those who are traveling over the next few days because it is the busiest time of the year to do it in the US... Anyways the following traveling tips will work mostly for everyone traveling these holiday season.

Before you leave the house make sure you know if there is any weather advisory in case there are any delays at the city you're flying into as well as the city you're visiting... and if there are call the airline and see if you can get any money for any changes on your flight.

Try to wear comfortable shoes that can be taken off easily at the security line {I usually wear cordless Converse sneakers}... they will help you moving faster through the line and if you wear them with socks they can protect your feet when you walk through the scanning machine.

Make sure to pack your laptop or table or e-reader in a place where you can easily take it out and put it back in... this way you don't run the risk of of damaging you electronics or forgetting anything in the rush of  getting out of there.

Finally, avoid as much as you can checking any luggage because this is the time of the year when the most luggage gets lost.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the flight!