Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NYE Traditions

In my family we have quiet a few, some are silly and others are not so much but I always do them and somehow things always work out just fine... haha!!! In the US there are not that many traditions or superstitions that happen on New Year's Eve so I'll go over a few that I know from other countries for your adoption and enjoyment.

In Brazil people take advantage of the summer weather and go out and hold outdoor parties all over the country. They dress in white and make an offering to the goddess of water and priestess of the New Year, Yemanja.

In Madrid, Spain {similar and in NY} people bundle up and go the square called La Puerta del Sol and ring the New Year. Following that they eat 12 grapes for good luck for the 12 months or the year and make wishes for each one of them.

Many Latin American countries have the superstition of wearing colored underwear to bring the luck on certain areas of their lives. Yellow symbolizes money, pink is for friendship and red is used for luck in love... all pieces have to be the same color and completely solid without decorations in other colors.

Many European countries like England practice the first-footing tradition in which the first guest to your house must be a man and he should enter using the right foot. Also, this person should bring a good luck gift like money, bread or wine. 

As I said, some are crazy and others are just fun. Now tell me my dear friends, do you have any traditions or superstitions?

Have a nice day and hope you're getting ready for Saturday!