Monday, January 30, 2012

Futuristic Fashion

Hope everyone had a great weekend... mine was very relaxing and had time to catch up on my reading and finally unpacked the suitcase I took on my trip {I hate unpacking!}.

One of the most amazing collections out there today is designed by 21 year old Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço. When I first saw the images of his collection I thought the images were computer generated because of the Matrix looking models wearing the highly stylized pieces.

The collection is inspired in the Patagonian landscape which he printed on many of his pieces or used as inspiration for the collection's palette.

The collection is characterized by asymmetrical shapes and clean lines with stylish details in trims, panels and the position of the pockets.

The fur is made of mohair fiber treated to look like it... Other materials found in the collection are silk, metal and fleece.

Have a great day and start of the week!